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Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation is the science and art of enabling persons...

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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation involves treatment of injuries associated ....

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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Falls, which include slipping and tripping, are the single...

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"Ergon" means work and "nomos" means laws. It covers all aspects...

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Women's health

A woman's body goes through enormous changes during ...

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About Dr Richa Patil

Dr Richa PatilAfter completing her Masters in Neurorehabiliation from United Kingdom, Dr. Richa Patil has worked in a wide range of hospital physiotherapy departments, including Orthopedics, Outpatients, Neurology, Acute Neurosurgery, Intensive Trauma units, Medicine, Cardio respiratory, Intensive Cardiac Care units, Surgery, Burns and Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Woman's Health, Old Age Homes, and Schools for Mentally Disabled Children. She has also been instrumental in developing rehabilitation programs for the geriatric and cancer affected population. Dr. Richa also holds a prestigious certification in hydrotherapy which is a recent and much coveted form of therapy in new age India.

  • See your Physiotherapist early.
  • Set a goal of what you hope to achieve.
  • Ask questions.
  • Follow your physiotherapist's advice.
  • Carry out the exercises as instructed.
  • In case of an injury use the RICE protocol - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation immediately and then consult a specialist.
  • Use minimal pillows while sleeping to avoid neck problems.
  • Eat small meals every two hours.
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